Newborn Prep Guide


First off, congratulations! I'm so excited that you've chosen me to capture your new little one's first photographs. Heirloom portraits are priceless images that last a lifetime and you will be sure to cherish them for generations to come.

Booking for your newborn is preferably done while you are still pregnant, to ensure that I have time put aside for you. This applies whether you have a estimated due date or c-section date scheduled. We will set aside an approximate date and then adjust accordingly once you deliver. Please contact me as soon as you can once baby arrives. The ideal time to capture your newborn is in within the first 2 weeks after their birth. This helps us to have a more sleepy, easy to pose baby.

Sessions are typically done at my home studio in Hampton Bays, NY. I have many props, outfits, headbands, wraps, etc. that you can choose from. If you have specific wants or a theme in mind, please feel free to discuss with me prior to your shoot. You're welcome to bring along anything you'd like to use during the session.


Before your session, please do your best to keep baby up for 1-2 hours prior to your arrival (I know this isn't always possible!) The room will be kept very warm so you may want to dress in layers that you can remove. Bring along an extra bottle, pacifier (if using), diapers, wipes, a burp cloth and a blanket for your little one. Dress him or her in easy to remove clothing (one piece pj's are perfect) and try to keep diaper tabs loose. 

Siblings are absolutely allowed to be in photographs with baby! You may want to consider having an extra pair of hands to help with big brother or sister, or to have someone take them home after the sibling shots are completed. 

Sessions typically last 1-3 hours, depending on baby's cooperation. We will take feeding breaks and time to lull baby off to sleep. 

Questions? Feel free to ask. I look forward to meeting you and your little one!

What to Wear


This is a question that I am asked frequently and am more than happy to offer advice so you and your family are looking fabulous :)

1. Don't wait until the last minute to decide! Trust me - you'll be pulling your hair out in frustration and your entire closet contents will be strewn around your room. Plan in advance - it's worth it! This allows for ample time to shop and try on your outfits.

2. Think coordinating- not matching. You don't all have to wear black shirts and jeans, this can sort of make you appear as one continuous blob with heads. It is ok to mix it up! This includes having some solids and patterns as well. Layering (vest, blazer, etc) is also a way to stand out and show your personality. Don't forget to accessorize! Jewelry, hats, suspenders and bowties are fun!

3. Consider the season and what palates are appropriate. August beach session? Light blues, pinks and whites look great! Sundresses and barefoot are always a win. Fall session at the park? Maroons, deep golden yellows, browns and boots are perfect. Holiday session? Plaids, reds, black and gold are classic.

4. Try to stay away from shirts with text, neon colors and bright sneakers. 

5. Newborn session or in studio session? Neutrals (blacks, whites and grays) work best. 

My Policies/Guidelines


My most important goals for our session are for you to have a great time and most of all to love your finished product! Please take note of the following guidelines to ensure that our photoshoot is a success.

- Please be prompt. Lateness (especially on days of mini-shoots) causes a chain reaction for my other scheduled shoots, so please be considerate of everyone's time

- Bribery is (sometimes) ok. I do literally everything I can to get your children smiling and happy. Despite my best efforts, some kids can be a little nervous or cranky. I suggest bringing a small snack or treat in case they need a little extra encouragement (promising a pony as a reward for good behavior can't hurt either.) With that being said, I cannot be held responsible for lack of cooperation or no smiles. This includes husbands.

- I can't always "photoshop that out." Blemishes, small cuts or an unsightly sunbather are things I can fix. Shaving off 80+ pounds or removing sunglasses from your face is where things get a little dicey. Retouching rates will apply if specific requests are above the typical small fixes. I am not responsible for outfit choices or expressions.

- I am not responsible for images you print at CVS (or other non-professional printers). High quality, professional prints are available for purchase through your gallery. I HIGHLY recommend using me for your printing needs rather than going to a local pharmacy or Target, etc.

- I retain the rights to all photos taken at a session. Your images may be used for advertisement on my website, social media and other online and printed ads. If you wish to keep your images private, please let me know at the time of our session. 

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