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My Policies and Guidelines



My most important goals for our session are for you to have a great time and most of all to love your finished product! Please take note of the following guidelines to ensure that our photoshoot is a success.

- Deposits are non-refundable

Inclement weather - unfortunately it happens. I will be the one to make the call the day of the session and together will we work to find a date that works for both parties. Your deposit will be carried over to your new date.

- Please be prompt. Lateness (especially on days of back-to-back sessions) causes a chain reaction for my other scheduled shoots, so please be considerate of everyone's time.

- Bribery is (sometimes) ok. I do literally everything I can to get your children smiling and happy. Despite my best efforts, some kids can be a little nervous or cranky. I suggest bringing a small snack or treat in case they need a little extra encouragement (promising a pony as a reward for good behavior can't hurt either.) With that being said, I cannot be held responsible for lack of cooperation or no smiles. This includes husbands.

- I can't always "photoshop that out." Blemishes, small cuts or an unsightly sunbather are things I can fix. Shaving off 80+ pounds or removing sunglasses from your face is where things get a little dicey. Retouching rates will apply if specific requests are above the typical small fixes. I am not responsible for outfit choices or expressions.

- I am not responsible for images you print at CVS (or other non-professional printers). High quality, professional prints are available for purchase through your gallery. I HIGHLY recommend using me for your printing needs rather than going to a local pharmacy or Target, etc.

-The client is responsible for downloading, saving and storing the images from their session. While I do keep a backup, it's not guaranteed that I will hold onto your images indefinitely. A recovery/re-upload fee will be charged if I need to access the files for you after your online gallery expires. It's highly recommended that the client stores their images in multiple places/on several devices and on a thumb or external hard drive to ensure that you never lose them.

- I retain the rights to all photos taken at a session. Your images may be used for advertisement on my website, social media and other online and printed ads. If you wish to keep your images private, please let me know at the time of our session. 

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